The Portrait Experience Application


We are accepting applications to apply to be a part of our brand-new Portrait Designer Experience.  Mapu is hand-picking each client based on their vibe, personality and willingness to let her team take care of everything and will let her display their images in marketing.  Because this program is new and we want to showcase your images in our marketing we will reduce are experience fee and minimum order by half.

The $50 Experience Fee (normally it is $150) will be due over the phone if you are chosen. This includes hair and makeup with lashes for one (1) person. Additional ladies will be $150 each. 

We are looking for clients that really want something special, that no one else has, and who love the idea of a designer creating portraits just for them that they can display proudly in their home.  These sessions will ONLY take place in June 2018, at Mapuana Reed Photography in Honolulu, HI. The total time you will be here is 2 to 3 hours (less with kids). If guys will be in the picture they can come after hair and make-up and we can get them in and out.  

About two weeks after your session, you and all adults in the pictures, will come back into our studio for your Design Consultation and Ordering Appointment. This is the best part! We will create custom designed art to display in your home.

Our print prices start at $100 for a 5x7.   We know this is an investment, so we understand this is not for everyone.  We typically receive more applications than we can possibly photograph when we do an offer like this, so please know we would pick all of you if we could.  



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Most clients invest several thousand dollars in their pictures and some have spent up to $12000 on their order for framed portraits, folio boxes and digital files. How does that sound to you? *
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